My good is focusing on getting a 3.8 GPA each semester

My good allows me to focus on my academic studies that will help me get to college. I choose not to use drugs because I want to get an academic scholarship. My good allows me to connect me with other people that are serious about school.

– Andy, 16

Skateboarding is what I’s my good.

Skateboarding calms me down so I can actually socialize with others instead of getting mad. It keeps me active and reminds me of the important things in life.

– Guzman, age 14

Singing is my good, what’s yours?

Singing makes me happy. It brings music and storytelling together in a unique and personal way. Singing is why I #ChooseNotToUse

Boxing is my good.

I box every day from 5-8. I like boxing because it’s good exercise, I get to meet new people, and my dad likes it. Boxing is my good, it’s why I choose not to use.

– Ben, age 15

I love doing art, it’s my good. What’s yours?

Art is what makes the world unique. Whether we see it or not, it is what shapes the world around us into something beautiful.

– Emily, age 16

Friends are my good.

I’m always happy when I’m with friends, and they’re a reason why I don’t drink alcohol. Why do you choose not to use?

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