How to help your friends when weed seems like the only way to cope.

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Youth Leaders Workshop Script

We Are

Stress shows up for everyone.

Stress can look like:

Acting differently than they normally do

Overly emotional/unstable emotions

Drama/ intensity



Too quiet/shut down, very sleepy



Stress Brain

People sometimes turn to drugs to cope.

How can I help?

You Can:

Sit with them at lunch

Say hi

Let them know you’re there for them


Comfort them

There are
lots of ways to cope with
Weed doesn’t have to
be your way.

What to Say

(Start by asking and LISTENING.)

Is there something going on?

I notice you’ve been different.

Are you  ok?

Is there something  wrong?

I noticed a  big change in how you’re acting.

Put yourself in their shoes.

What You Can Do
Brain Break

Take a brain break together

Video games, sports, or other sober activities can help mellow you out and make you feel good.

Be There

Be there for them

We all need our people.

Get Active

Do something active

Go outside, play sports, go for a walk, get endorphins!

Find the Funny

Find the funny

Laughter kills stress, Be goofy, be weird, whatever lightens them up.

Be Brave

Know when to tell an adult to make sure you both stay safe.

Take Care of Yourself!

Seeing a friend struggle is hard, make sure you get support too.

arrow Remember, you can’t make their decisions for them
arrow Respect their boundaries, and yours too
arrow Remember you can’t change other people

Who Can Help?

School Counselor • Teacher • Coach • Siblings • Relative (yours or theirs)

Teen Link:

(1-866-833-6546) Available 6pm–10pm PST

Teen Talk:

Available Monday –Thursday 4-9pm, Friday 4-7pm PST