Parent Resources

Sometimes you just don’t know where to turn to when it comes to basic information about drugs. We’ve collected a variety of information and links from trusted sources to help you get started.

Get the Facts

NIDA for Parents

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Above the Influence

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Parenting Tips

Good to Know

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

How to talk to your kids about drugs if you did drugs

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Marijuana Talk Kit

Partnership for Drug Free Kids

Marijuana Prevention

Keeping Kids Safe in Our Community

Start Talking Now

Washington Healthy Youth (WHY) Coalition

Teens are under the influence…of you

Who to Call

Who can help?

Clark County Crisis Services

The Clark County Crisis Services program office is staffed by a team of mental health professionals and certified peer counselors who are trained in crisis intervention.

Southwest Washington Crisis Line:

(800) 626-8137 | TTY (866) 835-2755

Clark County Resource Guide

This Resource Guide lists resources for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in Clark County

Need Additional Resources?

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