Making the Connection Toolkit

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Proven, effective approaches to talking with youth

Understand trauma-informed approaches to prevention

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Making the Connection

The Making the Connection Toolkit provides interactive modules that reveal the connection between ACEs, toxic stress, brain development, and youth substance use. The toolkit helps educators engage youth with realistic examples, current science, and engaging activities to help youth make personal connections to the material while building resilience and coping skills. This toolkit is intended for parents and adults to present to the youth they work with, mentor, or care for.

Who is the toolkit for?

Safe and caring adults who work with youth in schools, prevention clubs, leadership programs, faith communities, and community organizations.

This toolkit gives adults the tools to connect with youth on topics including:

arrow Toxic Stress, ACEs, and trauma
arrow Teen brain development
arrow Coping and risk factors
arrow Costs of early substance abuse
arrow Vaping, e-cigs, & marijuana
arrow Mapping your resilience
arrow What communities can do to help

Making the Connection Toolkit
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