Learning and Memory

You can pass that test. Marijuana can interfere with learning and memory. Don’t let it interfere with your grades.

Brain Development

You can achieve your dreams. Marijuana can mess with brain development. Don’t let it mess with your future.

Traffic Safety

You can be safe on the road. Marijuana can affect focus while driving. Avoid getting in the car with someone you suspect has been using marijuana.

Job Prospects

You can get the job. Marijuana can dim your focus. A lack of focus and motivation can hurt your future.

Athletic Performance

You can hit that three. Marijuana can slow you down. Don’t let it affect your athletic performance.

Personal Relationships

You can be a good friend. You may be more likely to withdraw socially while using marijuana. Don’t let it affect your friendships.

Think Clearly

You can make a breakthrough. Marijuana can affect your ability to think clearly. Don’t let it affect your goals.
Just the Facts

Just the Facts

You asked and we listened! Here are the real, science-based facts about E-cigs/vaping, drugs, and alcohol – just the facts!

Making Connections

Dealing with stuff can be hard. There are lots of ways to cope with stress, and there are people out there who can help you do it. Check out tips and tricks for when life gets tricky…

Making Connections
Friend 2 Friend


How to help your friends when weed seems like the only way to cope.

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