Youth Empowerment Project

We meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 3:30-5 pm at ESD 112 Conference Center. New members may drop in every month any time between 2:30-3:30 pm before each meeting to learn about the group (optional). 

We’re building community in Southwest Washington, empowering youth to lead healthy lives. We see youth and adults as equal partners. We motivate and inspire young people to pursue goals and dreams. We help overcome obstacles and build resilience. YEP members live out our story and keep our community strong.

Our Vision


Health promotion
Community building
Our Mission


Media & advocacy skill building
Leadership training
Connect communities
Share health research
Have tough conversations
Community projects
Campaign/resource development
Share stories

We Are
We Are
We Are

We are guided by the following beliefs, core assumptions and principles. These adapt and change along with our members and are developed by youth volunteers. 


Check in with one another each meeting. 


Always consider where we can go from here. 


Discuss how we feel and what we think, early and often. 

Good Will

Enter with an open heart, be receptive to others, show up and engage.


Express our care for one another and share our appreciations out loud. 


Seek new ideas, perspectives and listen with intent. 


Meet people where they are. Be flexible and adapt to each individual. 


Create a tolerant environment by welcoming people of all genders, sexual identities, political views, races, abilities, ages and more. 


Offer helpful ideas, feedback and seek fresh perspective. 

We Are
We Are
We Are


Connect youth with positive and supportive adult role models.

Light snacks and refreshments provided.

This is a voluntary/unpaid opportunity but service hours are tracked.

No leadership/prevention experience or drug/alcohol education necessary.

Contact staff for accommodations.

Meeting Schedule

9-17-19 in Clark Room
10-15-19 in Columbia Room
11-19-19 in Skamania Room
No December Meeting!
1-21-20 in Skamania Room
2-18-20 in Wahkiakum Room

Click here for a map of the building.
Click here for a map of the campus.

Contact our coordinator, Christopher Belisle for more information and to get connected with our team. Email or call 360-952-3587. Visit for information on our parent organization.

Prevent Coalition

About Prevent

Prevent Coalition’s mission: connecting and supporting communities to build resilience and prevent youth substance use.